Nuts and Bolts: A Deeper Dive into Math Nation

Find out about our features that provide innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Math in Action: Math in the Real World

Looking for engaging and challenging activities to connect content to the world around us? “Math in Action” takes applications of math in the world and creates interactive lessons and activities aligned to guided videos for you to use in your classroom. Check out this tour on where to find the accompanying lesson plans and materials.

Reports and Progress Monitoring

Teachers are able to run reports on everything students do in the Math Nation. There are simple reports and detailed reports on video views, Test Yourself! Practice tool, Check Your Understanding, On-Ramp, EdgeXL, and more! Reports can be viewed directly in the app, or be exported to an excel file.

Family Support Resources

6/7/8 Launching Summer 2020, A/G/A Launching Summer 2021

Math Nation prioritizes engaging families in their students’ learning of mathematics. That is why we are creating a library of materials just for families. In addition to parent letters and parent night kits, we are developing videos for every topic, which explain what the student is learning and how it connects to the way the family members may have learned the topic.

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