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Math Nation is a dynamic free resource now available to math students and teachers in Florida! Aligned to the Florida Mathematics Standards, Math Nation is customized to help students succeed in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and beyond.

Algebra Nation
Algebra Nation Algebra Nation


  • Dynamic Videos

    Dynamic content videos that cover everything Florida students need to know. Students can choose between five different tutors who teach the same material in different ways and at different paces.

    Dynamic Videos
  • Custom Workbooks

    Every math student in Florida can receive a workbook that complements the videos. Students can write in the workbooks and take them home for more practice!

    Custom Workbooks
  • Practice Tool

    A Practice Tool at the end of each section of videos lets students test their knowledge and gives instant feedback (plus resources that target gaps in their understanding!)

    Practice Tool
  • Math Wall

    The interactive Math Walls let Florida students get extra help from Study Experts, teachers, and peers.

    Math Wall
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Teachers can collaborate too! Math Nation’s Teacher Area provides a forum for teacher-to-teacher collaboration, plus lesson plans and other resources that align with the videos and workbook.

    Teacher Collaboration

Free Online Resources Available 24/7

Math Nation is a highly effective, dynamic online resource that includes video tutorials, an interactive discussion wall, and a practice assessment tool. Students can get help through the web and mobile app.

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In The News

The Gainesville Sun – April 15th, 2015

Algebra Nation, and pizza, helping students prep for exam

University of Florida researchers are using pizza parties and tropical cruises as an incentive to get ninth-graders to study for the Algebra I end-of-course test. For the second time, UF is sponsoring a two-week study challenge through Algebra Nation, a free online teaching tool aimed at helping students pass the required exam. The Florida Legislature […]

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CrestviewBulletin.com – April 2nd, 2015

‘Algebra Nation’ video personality motivates Crestview students

CRESTVIEW — Zach Stepp, an Algebra Nation tutor renowned online for his effervescent personality, made a whirlwind tour this week of area middle and high schools, sharing his trademark enthusiasm for math during half-hour appearances at each school. “He’s dynamic and he’s personable,” Shoal River Middle School honors algebra teacher Christal Pruitt said. “The kids […]

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NWF Daily News – April 1st, 2015

Tutoring group plus schools equal fired up math students

FORT WALTON BEACH — Math’s magic was used to excite countless students at Okaloosa County middle and high schools this week as the district prepared them for an upcoming state end of course exam. After seeing dismal pass rates statewide the first year of the exam, the Florida Department of Education formed a relationship with […]

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