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Here is a quick guide to everything Math Nation offers.

1. EdgeXL

Similar to the IXL and MathXL tools provided by other publishers, Math Nation’s EdgeXL tool allows teachers to create and assign unlimited practice and assessments in digital and print form. EdgeXL includes technology-enhanced item types, varying DOK questions, and questions by standard. Watch a quick tour video of EdgeXL. (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

2. Test Yourself! Practice Tool and Check Your Understanding

The “Test Yourself! Practice Tool” questions at the end of each section provide rigorous, technology-enhanced questions. Math Nation now offers a similar “Check Your Understanding Tool” as a digital 3-question formative assessment at the end of each topic. To learn more about these practice tools, check out this quick video. (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

3. On-Ramp to Algebra 1 and On-Ramp to 6th Grade

The On-Ramp to Algebra 1 Tool is an adaptive, personalized learning tool to help students fill in gaps in their understanding that they need to be successful in Algebra 1. After an interactive, diagnostic assessment, the On-Ramp tool creates an individual learning pathway based on their performance. We are currently building an On-Ramp to 6th Grade Tool which will be launching in Fall 2020, just in time for the 2020-2021 school year.

4. Student Course Workbook and Practice Workbook

Course Workbooks are a primary resource for introducing students to concepts in their course. The Student Practice Book contains a compiled version of the Independent Practices and the Student Learning Plans to provide students even more practice! 

6. Student Instructional Videos

Each topic has engaging videos aligned to the student Course Workbook. Students can choose the learning style that best supports their learning needs since they have the ability to choose from diverse Study Experts who vary in pace of explanation. See a sample video of the instructional videos. (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

6. iPhone, iPad, and Android Device Apps with Downloadable Videos

Math Nation’s iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are free and second to none in usability and accessibility. Our app works on devices up to six years old. Students are able to download videos on their mobile devices while at school so they can watch them later offline when they may not have internet access.

7. Algebra 1 and Geometry Boot Camp

The Algebra 1 and Geometry Boot Camp courses provide intensive review for the End-of-Course exam in Algebra 1 and Geometry. Questions are aligned by standard and designed to mimic questions students may see on their state End-of-Course exam. Learn more about the Boot Camps and where they live on the site! (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

8. SAT and ACT Prep

Our library of SAT and ACT resources aligns with the content areas students are expected to be proficient in when taking the SAT and ACT. The resources live in the “Student Area” and have videos, PDF documents and a set of digital practice problems for each concept. Larn more about our SAT and ACT prep courses. (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

9. Math In the Real World (Launching Summer 2020)

Math Nation introduces each section with examples of how those concepts relate to things students encounter in the real world. There are also supplemental lesson plans and on-location videos to highlight the mathematics used in various industries and other real-world contexts. See a sampler video of our Math in Action videos! (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

10. Student Wall and Karma Points (AGA Only)

Students can get homework help and virtual tutoring at nights and on weekends on our interactive Student Wall! Students earn Karma Points when they help other students answer questions and earn prizes each month. We also have a system to help teachers and administrators who want students to convert their Karma Points into Community Service credit (please see the “Wait there’s more!” folder in the Student Area for more information)! Curious about how students can get help on the student wall? (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

11. Digital and Printed Teacher Guides

Content objectives, standards alignments, common student misconceptions, vocabulary, strategies for differentiation, ELL Support, teachers tips, warm-ups, activities, standards-based worksheets, and more are included! The digital version of the teacher guides links to the best OERs aligned to Math Nation topics. Teacher guides will be 3-hole punched so they can be easily stored in a binder. Math Nation will send updated pages as the content is updated so the printed teacher guide never goes out of date. For every 50 students, 1 printed teacher guide is included.

12. Teacher Prep Videos (Launching Summer 2020)

For our 6/7/8 Grade courses, Math Nation includes a lesson prep video just for teachers that gives an overview of the structure of the lesson, common student misconceptions, and other tips teachers should be aware of before completing the lesson in their classroom.

13. Professional Development and Local Professional Development Videos

With each Math Nation district partner, we work closely with the district to provide a minimum of 2 days of free on-site, customized professional development for each course. In addition, Math Nation will create 2 professional development videos with each district. After the district chooses the topic(s), the Math Nation team will help plan the professional development, provide the filming crew, and edit the video. The district will have the final editing rights to the videos before they are added to the Math Nation Professional Development library so teachers and districts from across the state can all learn and grow in their professional careers. 

14. Reports and Progress Monitoring

Teachers are able to run reports on everything students do in the Math Nation. There are simple reports and detailed reports on video views, Test Yourself! Practice tool, Check Your Understanding, On-Ramp, EdgeXL, and more! Reports can be viewed directly in the app, or be exported to an excel file. Watch a video on the reports Math Nation has to offer.  (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

15. Support for Families (Launching Summer 2020)

Math Nation believes there is a lot of potential energy for families to be involved in their students’ learning of mathematics. That is why we are creating a library of materials just for families. In addition to parent letters and parent night kits, we are developing videos for every lesson in 6-8th grade which explain what the student is learning and how it connects to the way the family members may have learned the topic. Watch a video about the Family materials Math Nation has to offer. (Video last updated February 20, 2020).

16. What is inquiry-based learning?

Inquiry-based learning is student-centered teaching based on research and best practices.  Our 6-8 curriculum combines the most effective strategies on the learning pyramid such as classroom discussion and practice by doing to build mastery within a lesson.

17. Why do we teach Geometry first in 6-8th grade?

You may have wondered, “Why does the first unit of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade start with geometry?” That’s a valid wonder, especially if you’ve been teaching for a while, but it’s a purposeful start to the school year, so let’s dive into the why in this quick video. (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

18. Why does 6th grade not start with the number system and arithmetic observations?

Grade 6 begins with a unit on reasoning about area and understanding and applying concepts of surface area.  Instead of front-loading review and practice from prior grades, these materials incorporate opportunities to practice elementary arithmetic concepts and skills through warm-ups, in the context of instructional tasks, and in practice problems as they are reinforcing the concepts they are learning in the unit. To learn more, check out this video. (Video last updated February 20, 2020)

19. Why do we teach Exponents first in Algebra 1?

Students leave 8th grade with a basic understanding of exponents so that is where we decided to start. Exponents are enough of a connection to prior learning to give students the shift they need into Algebra 1. By the time students get to quadratics and polynomials, students have an entry point into the content. Click here to watch a video on why we start with exponents in Algebra 1.

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