• HOW DO I LOGIN TO Math Nation?

    Click the Enter button in the upper right-hand corner. Enter your school name and the username and password you use to access other computers/portals at your school. If you have forgotten those credentials, you can follow the prompt on the Login screen to retrieve them. If that doesn’t work and you still need help logging in, email us at help@MathNation.com or call us (888-608-MATH)!

  • Wow, this is great! How do I order?

    If you are ready to order or would like more information, you may do so here. We will send you a quote with ordering instructions. You can either pay with a credit card or issue a purchase order (PO). The workbooks are shipped as soon as we have payment or a P.O.

  • How will students access the digital materials?

    We use the free Clever service to create student accounts in Math Nation so that your teachers can focus valuable time on instruction. Clever is already in use in over 60% of schools and is free for districts and schools to set up and use.

  • Is there an additional cost for digital materials?

    Digital access is included at no additional cost for schools/districts that purchase a minimum of $480 of workbooks. Digital materials within Math Nation include PDF versions of the workbooks, videos to accompany each lesson in the workbook, teacher resources, and much more! Digital access can also be purchased separately (without workbooks) for $3-5 per student per year if workbooks are not desired.

  • Is there a minimum cost to ordering workbooks?

    Yes, for schools and districts the minimum order is $480. Get a quote on our workbook ordering page. Individual workbooks can be purchased by family members for $15 per student (includes shipping and digital access) on our workbooks page.


    In short, Math Nation is packed full of resources to help you succeed. Our videos break down each featured problem in an informative and engaging way. And, with your accompanying workbook, you can follow along with each problem.

  • Is there a mobile app?

    Yes, mobile apps are free to download in the Apple and Google Play stores. We guarantee our Math Nation mobile app will work on all devices – yes, even those old (up to 6 years) hand-me-down devices.

  • How can I watch the videos if I don’t have access to the internet?

    Videos can be downloaded on the Math Nation mobile apps when wifi is available (at school, the library, a fast-food restaurant, etc) and then viewed at a later time when students may not have access to the internet – just like Netflix!


    Make sure you are using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to watch the Math Nation videos. These browsers work the best with Math Nation. If you see a red or yellow button appear as you watch the videos, your connection may be too slow and you may need to find a stronger internet connection. If you are still having issues with the videos, please email help@MathNation.com.


    Watch the videos to see the solutions to each problem! You can also find solution videos to all of the “Test Yourself” problems that you answer on the score report you get after you submit your answers.

  • Our schools don’t have 1-to-1 devices and/or many of our students don’t have internet access at home. How can we use Math Nation?

    There are many ways teachers can incorporate Math Nation into their teaching, even if classrooms have only one terminal or students’ access to the internet outside of school is limited. For example, they can show short clips to complement instruction to the class, or show a whole video to some students while working in the corner with a small group of students. Many teachers have had success with these approaches. We’ve curated a number of strategies from teachers in the Teacher Area (log in to check them out). You can also post this question in the Teacher Wall when you log-in to see what other great ideas your colleagues from across the state have to offer. 

    To help your students who don’t have regular home internet access: We find that students often have a sibling, parent, or grandparent who has a smartphone or tablet and is willing to let them download the app for at-home use. The Math Nation app works on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device from the last six years. If students have a device but no internet at home, they can download videos at school or a fast-food restaurant when they do have wifi and watch them later offline (just like Netflix!).

  • What are the Walls? Why should students use them?

    The Math Walls are interactive online communities where your student can seek and provide math help. It’s a perfect resource when they are stuck on a tricky homework problem or wants to ask questions about a concept. The Walls are moderated at all times by Math Nation Study Experts. These Study Experts are there to answer students’ questions, to encourage students to help one another solve math problems and to ensure the Wall is a place for collaborative learning. Students who help others on the Math Walls earn Karma Points for their efforts. Each month, we recognize the top Karma Points earners with various prizes.

  • What are Karma Points and how do I earn them?

    Whenever you help other students on the Student Walls, a Study Expert will award you Karma Points. You can earn points by directing other students to videos that will address their questions, by explaining how to start solving math problems that are posted on the Wall, or by showing other students where in their solutions they’ve made an error. But remember, you won’t earn Karma Points if you just give answers to other students’ questions!

  • How do I know how many Karma Points I have?

    You can check the Karma Points Leaderboard to see how many points you’ve earned and how you rank compared to other students. The number of Karma Points that you have earned is also shown on each wall post you make and on the top of the screen when you are logged in.

  • Why do I want to earn Karma Points? Can I win prizes?

    The best way to learn math is to help others. The Wall is a great place to practice what you know. In addition to bragging rights, Karma Points lead to great prizes! Recently, students have won t-shirts, pizza parties, and iPad Minis! For more information about Karma Points, log in to Math Nation and visit the Leaderboard.

  • Can I also get community service hours for the time I spend volunteering on the Wall(s)?

    Yes! Many districts and programs requiring community service will allow you to earn community service hours for helping others on the wall. To make this easy for you (and the adults in your life), we have created a special report that you can download from your My Account page in Math Nation to show proof of the time you spent on the Wall, the kind of help you provided, and the number of Karma Points that you earned. Each report includes a time-stamped activity log and a unique six-digit code that your teachers or counselors can use to verify your activity.

  • What do I do if there is an issue with my Karma Points?

    You can post your issue on the Wall or email us at help@MathNation.com.

  • Is training available for teachers?

    Math Nation provides free district or school-wide training for teachers and administrators. Email Richard@MathNation.com for more information and to schedule a training session.


    We LOVE to hear great ideas from you. Your feedback helps us improve Math Nation for all students, families, and educators! You can call us at (888)-608-MATH or email us at help@mathnation.com.

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