Student FAQs

  • Is Math Nation really free for me?

    Yes. Math Nation is 100% free to Florida districts, schools, and students. The University of Florida, in partnership with Study Edge, has made the commitment to provide this resource statewide at no cost to our users.

  • How is Math Nation different from other tutoring videos?

    Math Nation is the only online tutoring resource that is specifically aligned to Florida’s state standards and built to help you beat the Florida Standards Assessments (cumulative end of course assessments). It’s also the only resource that provides students a choice of tutors, so they can move through our content videos at a pace and with a teaching style that works for them. We also provide workbooks so they can follow along with the videos in class, at home, or on the go. Math Nation provides informal tutoring through our interactive Walls, which give students a place to ask for homework help and to strengthen their skills by helping others (and also earn prizes for doing so).

    No other online math tutoring tool offers this range of resources tailored to Florida’s standards and your learning preferences!

  • How do I get access to Math Nation?

    Every district in Florida uses Math Nation, so it’s likely you already have access!

    To log in today, go to the home screen and click the ‘Log in’ button. Enter your school name and the username and password you use to access other computers/portals at school. If you have forgotten those credentials, you can follow the prompt on the Log in screen to retrieve them.

    If that doesn’t work and you still need help logging in, email us at or call us (888-608-MATH)!

  • How can I ask a math question? Who will answer it?

    Ask questions by posting on our Math Walls using our Math Nation website or our mobile apps. You can also draw equations, post graphs, or even take a photo of your problem and post it on the wall with your smartphone. The wall is moderated by Florida teachers and our Study Experts at all times.

  • What are Karma Points?

    Study Experts award Karma Points to students who help others on the Math Walls. Each month, the top Karma Points earners on each of the walls win prizes! Check out our Karma Points page to learn more!

  • My videos aren’t loading. What do I do?

    Make sure you are using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to watch the Algebra Nation videos. These browsers work the best with Math Nation. If you see a red or yellow button appear as you watch the videos, your connection may too slow and you may need to find a stronger internet connection. If you are still having issues with the videos, please email

  • Is there an answer key for the videos?

    Watch the videos to see the solutions to each problem! You can also find solution videos to all of the “Test Yourself” problems that you answer on your “Test Yourself” on the score report that generates after you submit your answers.

  • I have a suggestion that I think will improve Math Nation. How can I share it with you?

    We LOVE to hear great ideas from students, and we rely on your feedback to improve our resources (and catch our mistakes!). Post your ideas on the wall or email us at

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