Open Up Resources 6-8 Math

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What enhancements are included with Math Nation?

Math NationOpen Up ResourcesKendall Hunt
Color Workbook Set price per student $12.00$27.00$22.99
Full Open Up Resources 6-8 curriculum
Free shipping
Engaging videos covering each lesson
Web, iPhone, iPad and Android app with videos, flashcards, and more
Interactive practice with instant feedback
Spanish glossary videos
Collaborative teacher discussion board
Teacher Reports
Online professional development at no additional cost

Why purchase from Math Nation?

Math Nation is dedicated to providing the best resources to teachers at a price that makes great curriculum accessible to EVERY school in the country. Reviewing the Open Up Resources curriculum, we realized that the same printed materials could be improved by incorporating our innovative video and practice platform – and still be offered at a fraction of the cost. Math Nation Study Experts provide videos for teachers and students that are correlated to each lesson component. To preview the videos and see a tour of the web app, please click here.

Math Nation is used in all 50 states!

What are districts saying about Math Nation?

“We searched far and wide for a program to support our students and teachers during distance learning and found Math Nation to be the superior provider of the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum. It’s the easiest to use, and it includes the most add-ons (including over 5,000 engaging videos for students, parents, and teachers, the Open Up Resources assessments, and the EdgeXL tool- unlimited practice and assessments). The team at Math Nation has worked tirelessly to support our adoption. They provided the best professional learning I have ever experienced from a curriculum provider all for a fraction of the cost of anyone else.”

— Laura Evans, Math Teacher on Special Assignment in San Mateo, Foster City School District, CA

“Hernando county’s teachers really enjoy using the Math Nation’s resources!”

— John Morris, Secondary Math Specialist in Hernando County School District (FL)

“Math Nation is an incredibly useful program that’s used across our district. Giving students a lift with their math skills is more important now than ever. Math Nation is helping our students adjust to new situations, whether they are not returning to physical school, have a new teacher, or are students who are not attending a traditional five-days-a-week program.”

— Rachael Smilowitz, Middle School Math District Instructional Specialist in Charleston County School District (SC)

“I incorporate Math Nation into every standard I teach. It is an invaluable resource. It is user friendly to both student and teacher. The materials, videos, and test questions are aligned to standards in a comprehensive and rigorous manner. I cannot imagine my classroom without it.”

— Kimberly Keeler, Teacher in Okaloosa Public Schools (FL)

“The tools that Math Nation offers allow for easier differentiation in the classroom. There are additional materials online to support all students while the workbooks give an extra challenge.”

— Rebecca Steele-Mackey, Teacher in Lamar County School District (MS)

“I love how every question and problem the students need to work on is real world and requires them to think. The curriculum encourages using multiple methods and allows students to approach questions in different ways. It allows them to have productive struggle and I have really seen an improvement in the effort and confidence in the students. They are more willing to approach a problem and try different strategies without giving up.”

— Caroline Menhenett, Teacher in Dorchester 02 School District, SC