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Brand new updates for 2018-2019 school year have even more teachers across Michigan excited about using Algebra Nation this year in their classrooms. Last school year, over 30,000 free workbooks for Algebra 1 were ordered by Michigan teachers. This school year, over 40,000 Algebra 1 workbooks have already been sent out, demonstrating the incredible demand for these resources. MASSP is proud to be a partner with Algebra Nation to help provide resources to classrooms around the state.

Is Algebra Nation Really Free for Schools?

YES! Statewide access to Algebra Nation is made possible by the Michigan legislature, which appropriated over $1 million this year to continue to provide this powerful, proven resource to boost the students’ math achievement. Algebra Nation’s materials — including an Algebra 1 workbook for every student in the state — are available to all districts, teachers, parents, and students in Michigan. Algebra Nation also provides free professional development to districts and schools.

Currently there are over 1,300 Michigan teachers from over 100 school districts using Algebra Nation in their classrooms. Jennifer Bole, a math teacher in Saginaw Public Schools, had this to say about the program: “I am currently using Algebra Nation in all of my classes. I particularly love how the On-Ramp Tool shows me what skills my students have, and what skills they still need to learn to be ready for Algebra 1.”

What is Algebra Nation?

Algebra Nation, a highly-effective supplemental resource for Algebra 1, is available at no cost to Michigan districts, schools, teachers, parents or students. Aligned to the Michigan Mathematics Standards by professors at Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University, and the University of Michigan-Flint, Algebra Nation is customized to help Michigan students succeed in Algebra 1 and beyond. Algebra Nation provides online access to dynamic content videos aligned to Michigan’s Mathematics Standards, companion workbooks, virtual tutoring, and an online practice tool that provides instant, individualized feedback and directs students to resources that target gaps in their understanding. Students and educators across the state have free, 24-hour access to these materials from the web, tablets, and smartphones.

The Florida version of Algebra Nation has helped improve student outcomes in Florida. Just in the last two years, the statewide-exam pass rate has gone up by 7 percent. Test scores improved dramatically for all Algebra Nation users, regardless of their economic status, level of English proficiency, race, or previous mathematics performance. A professor at the University of Michigan-Flint is currently working on a study to examine the impact of Algebra Nation in Michigan. If you would be interested in having your district highlighted in this study, you can reach out to Algebra Nation staff, whose contact information is below.

Every district in Michigan can set up free access to Algebra Nation for its students and teachers, and can order a free workbook for each of their Algebra 1 students. Districts can also request free professional development sessions at any point throughout the year.

To get your district, teachers, parents, and students access to Algebra Nation (including the free workbooks, professional development, night and weekend tutoring, and streaming videos), please contact one of the Algebra Nation Assistant Directors: Marlene Scott at or Steve Elam at

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