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“We searched far and wide for a program to support our students and teachers during distance learning and found Math Nation to be the superior provider of the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum. It’s the easiest to use, and it includes the most add-ons (including over 5,000 engaging videos for students, parents, and teachers, the Open Up Resources assessments, and the EdgeXL tool- unlimited practice and assessments). The team at Math Nation has worked tirelessly to support our adoption. They provided the best professional learning I have ever experienced from a curriculum provider all for a fraction of the cost of anyone else.”

— Laura Evans, Math Teacher on Special Assignment

“Math Nation is an incredibly useful program that’s used across our district. Giving students a lift with their math skills is more important now than ever. Math Nation is helping our students adjust to new situations, whether they are not returning to physical school, have a new teacher, or are students who are not attending a traditional five-days-a-week program.”

— Rachael Smilowitz, District Instructional Specialist

“I love how every question and problem the students need to work on is real world and requires them to think. The curriculum encourages using multiple methods and allows students to approach questions in different ways. It allows them to have productive struggle and I have really seen an improvement in the effort and confidence in the students. They are more willing to approach a problem and try different strategies without giving up.”

— Caroline Menhenett, Teacher in Dorchester 02 School District

“My students and I have absolutely loved using Math Nation. They said they’ve never gotten to talk in math class, let alone know how to talk about math!”

— Emily Brazinski, Teacher

“The work is a perfect blend of skill and drill and higher-order thinking. It is what this generation of students needs: a curriculum that is explained on their varied levels! This is the best resource I have ever used in an Algebra 1 classroom. You guys should be the benchmark when it comes to Algebra 1 curriculum!!!!! <3”

—Sarah Hellman, Teacher

“Math Nation teaches students how to look at math from a real world view – just what we need!!! Thank you Math Nation for thinking outside the box.”

— Torie Strong Trentham, Teacher

“I like how students can help other students in an open and friendly environment. They don’t have to worry about not being good at math. Math Nation has helped me get better at math by helping other kids with math. It feels satisfying to see someone understand a topic and know that you helped them achieve that.”

— Jiyansh A., Student

“Math Nation allows students to have productive struggle and I have really seen an improvement in the effort and confidence in the students. They are more willing to approach a problem and try different strategies without giving up. They have good discussions and love sharing different ways of doing things.”

— Caroline Menhenett, Teacher

“I just wanted to thank Math Nation, after watching some videos and being able to get answers from students all around Florida, this website has really helped me. I can already see an improvement in my Algebra skills. Thank you guys so much :)”

— Arthur C., Student (Florida)

“I’d just like to say bravo! Math Nation is so fun and is such a good way to have students practice and learn more. I am EAGER to begin my second lesson and i love that you have a pdf of what will be on the lesson so you can follow along. All I’d like to say now is thank you and congratulations on the terrific piece of amazingness!! And…. where can i get my own Math Nation shirt???”

— Megan M., Student

“I’ve yet to meet another Algebra 1 teacher who doesn’t love Math Nation! Thanks for being great!”

— Tiffany Spradling, Math Specialist (Florida)

“Thank you for developing the BEST resource for students to learn algebra and study for their tests! My son was unable to score higher than Cs and Ds on his quizzes throughout the semester. About two weeks before the…final exam, I found Math Nation. I am thrilled to report that my son scored an 81 on his Algebra I Honors Final Exam!!! He really could not have pulled it together without your help!!!! Those are REAL results.”

— Laura R., Parent

“Math Nation is the best! We are already using this at our school and I encourage anyone and everyone who isn’t to take advantage of this!! There are videoed lessons with Check for Understanding questions at the end of each and Test Yourself at the end of each unit. Questions that are missed have video demonstrations for how it should be done. There are message boards available for students to help other students and teachers are available as well.”

— Amy Caldwell Younger, Math Academic Coach

“With Math Nation part of our classroom, we are not wasting any time in our room. As soon as students finish their assignments they get on Math Nation. They are loving both Karma Points and the videos.”

— Leah Herman, Teacher

“This is a great resource for many of my special education students that need the extra assistance or differentiated instruction.”

— Chelsea Hillert, Teacher

“Actually, I have a great success story to share. I am covering for a teacher’s vacation and I talked to a student who failed his systems of equations quiz and lessons (because, in fairness, it’s a tough concept). I deleted the attempts and told him to review Math Nation and try again and let me know how he did. He did it, and then scored 100% on his lessons and a 92% on his quiz. His dad was SO impressed and the student really did well, even enough to explain the concept to me verbally…it was AWESOME. I am so coming back to shoot more videos and help get this thing exploding with traffic.”

— Sean W., Teacher

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