Karma Points

Study Experts (graduate students and teachers who work for Algebra Nation to moderate) award Karma Points to students for helping other students and starting new discussions about math on the Wall. Students can help other students by directing them to videos that will help them with their questions and by explaining the first step of how to start a particular math problems. But remember, students won’t be given Karma Points if they just give the answer to the question another student’s question!

Students can also see where they stand by looking at the Karma Points Leaderboard. The number of Karma Points that the students has earned is shown on each wall post they make, on the top of the screen, and on the Leaderboard page.

What do students want to earn Karma Points? The best way to learn math is to help others. Also, in addition to bragging rights, students can win great prizes! Recently, students have won t-shirts, pizza parties, and iPads!

Florida Geometry/Algebra 2 students! Here is what you can win:

From September to April each year, we give out 1 iPads each month to the student who earn the most Karma Points that month. Each month, first place wins an iPad. Second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth places each win a Math Nation t-shirt.

Please note that while students can win a t-shirt more than 1 time (we have multiple colors now!), students can only win an iPad once.