Demo FAQ

Is Algebra Nation really free?

Yes, Algebra Nation is 100% free. The University of Florida, in partnership with Study Edge, has made the commitment to bring this resource to 100% of Florida districts, schools, and students. In order to make that possible, we’re keeping this resource free.

Are there plans for Geometry Nation?

Yes, we have received an overwhelming number of requests for Geometry Nation! We only want to offer this as a completely free resource – just like Algebra Nation is now. In order to do that, we need to show Algebra Nation is being widely used by students, parents, and teachers throughout Florida. The best way to bring about Geometry Nation (and Biology Nation and Civics Nation and Algebra II Nation…all the Nations!) is easy – vote with your mouse. Use Algebra Nation, spread the word to your colleagues and friends, and keep on providing us with your feedback and thoughts! Print out Algebra Nation material here and email us your feedback here.

How is Algebra Nation different from other online tutoring videos?

There are a lot of videos teaching algebra skills online. Algebra Nation is the only source that features dynamic videos already specifically aligned to Florida state standards. Instead of merely throwing drill and kill problems at students, Algebra Nation’s videos break down each featured problem and provide a corresponding study guide so students can follow along at their own pace. The videos prompt students to pause and try out problems independently. The videos also explicitly encourage collaboration by asking higher order questions that students can then answer on the wall. Algebra Nation is also unique in its “Test Yourself!” practice feature, which allows students to test their skills in the same computer-based format they will encounter on the EOC.

How do I get started?

Go back to the home screen and click the ‘Enter Algebra Nation’ button. If your school district is an Algebra Nation district (integrated with Algebra Nation), you’ll be able to log in using your school username and password. To check to see if your school district is integrated, go to Don’t worry, if your district has not yet completed integration you can still access all the great FREE resources of Algebra Nation by logging in with your Facebook username and password. If you are already logged into Facebook or have a Facebook account, just use your username and password. If you do not have an account, take a few minutes and create a username and password. There is NO need to make a profile, post pictures, or message any one – just use your new username and password to jump right into Algebra Nation!Algebra Nation also has iPhone and Android apps. To download the app, search ‘Algebra Nation’ in your phone’s app store.

What are the technical requirements for accessing Algebra Nation’s resources?

Algebra Nation can be accessed on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9+.
If you are a district technology administrator and would like further information, please email

Why are we using Facebook?

The new Algebra Nation web app allows students and teachers to log on to Algebra Nation using their existing school username and password. Your school district must be an Algebra Nation district (integrated with Algebra Nation) to use this web app. To check to see if your school district is integrated, go to’t worry if your district has not yet completed the integration process, you can still access all the great features of Algebra Nation! We’re committed to making studying algebra as easy and intuitive as possible. This philosophy extends even to our log-in process. Oftentimes, the hardest part of getting students to use something new is the sign up process. Because a huge percentage of students already have existing Facebook accounts, students do not have to sign up for another program or go through yet another new website. By making it as painless as possible to access the program, students are much more likely to use it. Many high school students are already continually logged onto Facebook – students can wish their friend “Happy Birthday!” one moment and watch a short video or ask a homework question in the next. In addition, students today are very familiar with Facebook’s format – from using the wall as a springboard for discussion to using facebook’s search app feature – and they will be able to jump right into the content of Algebra Nation. This also helps teachers – teachers will not be inundated with requests from students when students invariably lose their log-in information! You can learn more about why we use facebook by watching the ‘Why we use Facebook’ video here.

How safe is my information?

The University of Florida and Study Edge have taken every step to ensure the safety of Algebra Nation participants. The Algebra Nation web app, Facebook, app, and iPhone and Android apps were all designed and built to ensure user security. For example, participants’ profile pages are blocked, making it impossible to access their information, and the transparent wall – it’s the same one for the entire state of Florida – is constantly being monitored. Facebook does NOT have any Algebra Nation information because all Algebra Nation data and videos are hosted on the Algebra Nation server, not on Facebook’s. We are only using Facebook’s user name and password information to make the process easy for students and teachers alike. Even our wall is something we created from scratch! Although it looks similar to the Facebook wall, the Algebra Nation wall has special features – and additional security – to maintain a safe, secure social media environment.

Why can’t I use the Test Yourself! Practice on the iPhone and the Android app?

The Test Yourself! Practice has been set up so students become more familiarized with the computer-based exam format, which is very similar to the one they will encounter during the EOC Test. The “Test Yourself!” Practice should be done at a desktop or a laptop computer to mimic closely the actual testing environment. After all – “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

What is the Algebra Nation Newsletter?

The bi-weekly Teacher Newsletter will update teachers, parents, and administrators on the most recent Algebra Nation developments, share teaching best practices suggested to us from your colleagues and peers, and ask for your feedback on Algebra Nation developments. Algebra Nation is a living and breathing entity – it is constantly evolving to fit the needs and requirements of its community – you! In order to do so, we will ask for your feedback and opinion periodically and make changes accordingly. We’ll let you know what you’ve said and how we’ve adopted your changes.We will NOT spam you and we will NOT sell or abuse your information.

How do I get linked to my teacher/students on Algebra Nation?

Great question. With the new Algebra Nation web app, there is no need for teachers to add students to their rosters or for students to enter in a code to link to their teacher. This process is automatically done for you.

As a teacher, will my students see my profile?

If you are accessing Algebra Nation using your school username and password, students will only be able to see your name and photo (if you choose to upload one). If you are accessing Algebra Nation using your facebook username and password, students will only be able to see your name and your profile picture if you post on the wall. Even if you choose to post of the wall, students cannot click on your profile picture, message you, or see your private profile. You can also adjust your privacy settings at

As a student, will my teacher see my profile?

Your teacher can only see your profile picture and your name. Your teacher cannot click on your name or message you on Algebra Nation. However, please remember that your profile picture and your name is part of your public profile, so put your best foot – or face – forward!

What if I want to feature these videos in my classroom?

The new Algebra Nation web app allows teachers and students to access Algebra Nation using their existing school usernames and passwords. In order for this to happen,  your school district needs to become an ‘Algebra Nation district.’ Essentially, your district’s IT person needs to get word from their supervisor that they have the ‘ok’ to do so. Don’t worry, it’s fast, easy, and FREE for the district. If you are a district administrator and would like to have your school district become an Algebra Nation district, have your IT person contact and we can get it set up!

How can I ask questions? Who is answering my questions?

Ask questions by posting on our wall using Algebra Nation on the facebook and mobile apps! You can also draw your equation or graph through the Draw Something feature or even take a photo of your problem and post your question on the wall with your smartphone. The wall is moderated by Florida teachers and Study Experts (highly trained online algebra tutors).

What are karma points?

Algebra Nation believes in good karma: by helping others, you’re helping yourself! You receive Karma Points for both asking great questions and answering peers’ questions on the Algebra Wall. Karma points are shown next to a student’s name, and the Karma Leader board shows the top five karmic leaders in the state! In additional to bragging rights, karma points will be redeemable for very real prizes: each month the highest middle school student and high school student Karma Points earner will each win a new iPad!

How can I be more involved in Algebra Nation?

Calling all teachers, parents, administrators, and students! We would love your input and feedback to make Algebra Nation even better. Email to get more involved in Algebra Nation.